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May 20, 2012


Sean Gormally

This is one of my favs. I always seem to have to watch it when it's on - the remake is terrible in comparison. I still have issues with Hector Elizando over his role - the jerk. Why can't he play nice like in Pretty Woman....

Sean Gormally

PS Ben Stiller has said hanging out on this set as a little kid is one of the main things that made him want to be a film maker.

Kona Duke

I actually like Elizando a lot. The sweet thing about this movie is how it blends the funny with extreme brutality. Also, I was flashing back to how Spike Lee's Inside Man was the real re-make of 123. Same sense of humor. But, in truth, every hostage movie since the late 70's owes this film or Dog Day Afternoon or both.

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